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Heavy Duty Magnesium Floorings Manufacturer, Supplier

We specialize in Magnesium Floorings. The raw materials required for processing the floor composition are of the best quality along with the laying procedure that conforms to IS: 657 & IS: 658-1982.

This is ideal for heavy duty machinery movements. It has excellent Load Bearing Capacity. This can be laid on any sound surface like Concrete, Metal and Wooden floor. It is long lasting and helps to overcome many problems day to day faced in the industry.

We, Chemoxy Flooring are providing the most hi-tech chemical formulation heavy duty industrial floorings. Our Chemoxy Magnesium Floorings are mineral based & chemically formulated hard and joint less monolithic floor which comprise the following considerations

• Withstanding heavy traffic movements.
• Excellent load bearing property.
• Does not generate dust or cracks as cement based floors.
• Ready to for use after 24 hours for manual traffic.

For achieving high strength in Magnesium Flooring, we are using mineral based raw materials of supreme quality. The use of quartz adds to the strength and durability of the floorings. Our products are recommended for all kinds of engineering units.

Comparative Statement

Sr.No. Magnesium Flooring Sr.No. Vacuum Dewatered Flooring
1 No wet curing required. Foot traffic & light trolley movements after 24 hours & heavy traffic movement after 7 days. 1 Requires wet curing. The minimum period for curing is of 28 days
2 Although Hard and Monolithic in nature does not chip off and are shock resilient(Absorbs mechanical shocks). 2 Requires metallic or Non-metallic hardener for additional strength. Being Brittle in Nature, it chips off easily and are not repairable.
3 The floor has negligible expansion/contraction and therefore requires no expansion joints, thereby The floor does not crack & smoothens trolley movements. 3 Cement concrete floors expands & contracts, thus requires expansion joints/groove cutting, develops cracks & opens from the joints & cracks thereby affects trolley/stacker movements.
4 Excellent Load Bearing Propensity & having compressive strength of 480 - 500 kg. per cm2. Having Forklift movement upto 5 tons does not deteriorate the floor. 4 Compressive strength for usually used concrete M-15 Grade is 150/- kg. per cm2
5 Excellent resistance to oil, Grease & Solvents. Thus, easy to clean & maintain. 5 Cement floors are not resistant to oil, grease and solvents. Generates dust. Looks shabby with spillage of grease, oil, etc.Thus, Difficult to maintain.
6 Magnesium Oxy Chloride floorings are Fire resistant, Termite Proof, Rat & Insect Repellent. Hygienic to the best of our knowledge.