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Industrial Flooring
Water Resistant Flooring Manufacturer

Chemoxy Industrial Flooring composition are revolutionary chemically formulated Industrial Heavy Duty flooring which are shock resilient, anti- skid and fire Proof. The floor requires no wet curing & achieves early high strength.

Chemoxy Industrial Flooring can be laid on any sound surface like concrete, metal & wooden floors. Chemoxy Floors are carried out with manual & power troweled finish and is available in different colours. Ideal for trolley / forklift / stacker movement in factories, warehouses, store areas and for areas where dust free floors are required as the floor composition does not generate dust. Fast setting & curing in 24 hrs allows continuity of your production in running plant.

This monolithic jointless floor has a tendency to absorb mechanical vibrations (shock resilient). In addition to the above the floor is termite / rat proof & insect repellant. Apart from the engineering companies & warehouses, chemoxy floors are widely used in printing & packaging companies due to its resistance to oil, grease & solvent etc.

The floor does not peel off or delaminate having excellent load bearing propensity and are anti skid in nature. the floor has negligible expansion / contraction thus marking it easy to repair.

  • 1
  • Monolithic Joint less Floor
  • 2
  • Shock Resilient
  • 3
  • Termite / Rat Proof and Insect repellent
  • 4
  • No Curing required and non cracking floor
  • 5
  • Resistant to oil and grease solvent etc
  • 6
  • Anti skid and fire resistant
  • 7
  • Easily Repairable
  • 8
  • Load Bearing propensity is excellent
  • 9
  • Dust Proof floor (Does not generate dust)
  • 10
  • Ideal for trolley / Stacker / Forklift Movement